Drink nourishing herbal infusions

Herbs are great at nourishing your body as they give your body nutrients that are easy to assimilate. Many of the herbs are full of minerals that you will need for growing a healthy baby. Starting your herbal infusions now will also make it easier to be in the habit for drinking them while pregnant.

Cleanse the liver

Pregnancy creates large rushes of hormones and your liver is the primary source of flushing them through your body. If your liver is already taxed, then it is going to be very overwhelmed with pregnancy.

Dandelion and milk thistle are great ways to support the liver. Adding lemon to your water is also a great way to get a daily dose of gentle liver cleansing.

Move lymph fluid

Skin brushing not only removes dead skin cells so your skin can breathe better but it helps move the lymph fluid in your body. Your skin is the largest way to remove toxins so keeping it clear will help your body work more efficiently.

Build up your adrenals

Your adrenals are so important and they really need to be in good shape for a pregnancy. A pinch of real sea salt in a glass of water each morning and Vitamin C is a simple, daily method of supporting. Lots of good rest is also very important. Go to bed at 10pm if you can handle it. If you can go to bed earlier, that is even better. Shoot for a minimum of 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night.

Keep the bowels moving

Pregnancy is a time when the body can become lax and bowel movement is one of those areas that can be tough for pregnant woman. Bowel cleansing is a great place for everyone to start because if that channel is clear, so to speak, then your body will have an easier time releasing the rest of any toxins in your body.

Take care of your teeth

Dental work is one of the crazy things that you do not like to do while pregnant. You don’t want anything released into your body during pregnancy and also x-rays. Having a routine teeth cleaning before trying to get pregnant is very important. Pregnancy has a way of making your gums more lax and they can have a tendency to bleed so starting out clean important.

Source: Delicious Obsessions – Natural Ways to Prepare your Body for Pregnancy