The Way of Balance & Harmony

Traditional Chinese Medicine regards to body, spirit and soul to be a single, inseparable and whole entity. By observing the way of balance & harmony, it aims at reestablishing equilibrium of the mind and body to sustain health.

Yin & Yang Theory

It understands that everything is composed of two complementary energies, with one of the energies is Yin and the other is Yang. Ideally, Yin and Yang should always remain in balance and harmony.

The Five-element Theory

The theory states that the five major Organ Systems are each related to a particular element of Metal, Wood, Water Fire or Earth, giving a skilled TCM practitioner a range of metamorphic characteristics for addressing symptoms and health problems.

By upholding these three key principles, GHHS Healthcare is offering a number of TCM therapies to help answer your physical and mental needs.

GHHS Healthcare Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Centre

With the built-up area of 8,000 square feet, GHHS Healthcare – TCM Centre houses 18 Tuina and therapy rooms for individuals and couples, Chinese Physician rooms, Herbs Bar, TCM Pharmacy, Reading lounge, and VIP room. TCM Centre also furnish TCM Gallery and Members lounge, which are all furnished with a traditional Chinese interior. For Qigong health exercises, a green Health Qigong Garden lawn with a pleasant view has been specially designed for better performance.

The centre is staffed with qualified and certified Chinese Physicians is approved by Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia to provide professional TCM services.

GHHS Healthcare – TCM Centre offers an exclusive and professional array of TCM services, which include traditional pulse reading and Chinese Diagnosis, TCM chiropractic care, traditional Chinese Acupuncture, acupressure. moxibustion, cupping (Ba Guan), scraping (Guo Sha), traditional Tuina therapy, Qiaodan Jing, meridian point reading, TCM Herbal Footbath as well as health Qigong sessions. A TCM Pharmacy is also available where trained consultants dispense herbal prescriptions to promote the restoration of harmony in the body.

GHHS Healthcare Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Centre holds on to three main principles of serving the best traditional Chinese healing therapy for you.