Genetic Screening

Each one of us has a unique set of chemical blueprints affecting how our body looks and functions. These blueprints contained in our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are inside our body cell. Genes are also found in a specific segment along the length of human DNA; meanwhile, the genetic make-up will determine various conditions and diseases. Most of us have already known about our family’s long medical history. Still, they might not be aware of what type of inheritable conditions and how different diseases are connected.

GHHS Healthcare and Wellness Centre genetic screening service uses the latest genomics technologies to detect known genetic mutations or also recognized as genetic markers, in our DNA. These markers are associated with common and rare genetic illnesses and may also be useful to indicate potential adverse reactions towards certain types of foods or drugs.

Our Genetic Screening is a range of test panels specially designed to screen genetic markers in an individual’s DNA. These genetic markers are also medically linked with an increased risk of developing diseases, for instance, cancer, diabetes, gout and cardiovascular diseases. We need to have a better knowledge of some genetic risks for certain diseases. It will influence and motivate us to make positive changes to our lifestyle.

• Early Discovery of Risks for Genetic Illnesses

Genetic screening can detect possible risks for genetic conditions and illnesses at an early stage. It can also reveal the tendency towards certain inherited illnesses that later can be useful information for you to take the necessary steps to combat the diseases and manage your health better.

• To Understand Rare Genetic Disorders

Genetic screening can give our doctors a better understanding of serious genetic disorders that have a low prevalence in the population. This information may help to reduce feelings of uncertainty in individuals that are suffering from such disorders.
• More Effective Medication
Our medical experts can have a better knowledge of medication that may trigger your adverse reactions through genetic screening. Thus, our doctors can also be better positioned to prescribe more effective drugs at optimal dosages based on your genetic markers.

• GHHS Healthcare and Wellness Centre Genetic Screening

GHHS Healthcare offers the following Genetic Screening programs, tailored for the various demographics our clientele is composed of:

• G-Cardio Meta
• G- Corporate
• G-Onco
• G-Wellness
• G-Pharma
• G-Brca+

G- Cardio Meta






  • G-Cardio Meta
  • G-Corporate
  • G-Onco
  • G-Wellness
  • G-Pharma
  • G-BRCA+