Service Appointment Policy:

Serving you with the utmost attention is our greatest commitment at GHHS Healthcare and Wellness Centre. We would like to remind you of our Service Appointment Policy to ensure mutual understanding for any concerns regarding appointment processes.

1. You may schedule your check-up appointment through the following:
a. Calling us at 03-8941 5833
b. Filling up the Reservation Reply Slip and email to us at

a. Text Message to us at 019-6001426

Step 1 – Key in your full name followed by membership number

Step 2 – Key in your preferred check-update (s)

Step 3 – Send SMS

b. Walk-in to our Health Screening Centre:

2. Your first check-up and/or other services are only available upon 50% payment of your participation fee, and that all payments are prompt.

3. Please schedule your accommodation, check-up and other service appointments at least fourteen (14) working days prior to your preferred date.

4. Any cancellation or rescheduling of your service appointment must be done at least seven (7) working days before your confirmed appointment date.

5. Any check-up and/or service cancellation/amendment/rescheduling made in less than seven (7) working days away from the confirmed appointment date will be forfeited and considered used.

6. Confirmation of any appointment and room booking or amendments are always subject to availability.

7. An appointment reminder will send to you two (2) days before your confirmed date through facsimile/email/call/text message (for Health Screening & TCM services only)

8. All annual service entitlements / PV point shall be fully used and un-utilized entitlements / PV point in that particular year shall be forfeited and no extension will be entertained.


1. 您可提早通过以下的模式进行预约:

(一) 请拨客户服务热线电话:603-89415833

(二) 请填写体检预约表格电邮至

(三) 请简讯至019-6001426

步骤1 – 请输入会员名字与编号

步骤2 – 请输入预定检查日期

步骤3 – 发短信

(四) 请在客户服务柜台预约

2. 您只要缴付会员配套的五十巴仙以上及没有任何费用逾期,才有资格享用金马健诊的第一次健康体检服务或其他服务预约。

3. 当您安排体检预约, 住宿和其他服务预约时, 请务必给至少十四天工作日的提前通知。

4. 任何有关体检预约的取消或更改,请务必在体检日期的前七天工作日告知。

5. 如果您的预约少于七天内(工作日) 取消 / 修订 / 重新安排,您的会员福利将会被视为取消或已使用。

6. 您的健康体检预约或修改的批准是视情况而定。

7. 在你的健康预约前两天我们会 以电话/信息/传真/电子邮件 的方式提醒您 (只限于健诊中心与中医部服务而已)。

8. 您的会员福利必须在每年的周年期内(一年)使用完毕,任何未使用的会员福利将会被取消和不允许延期。