Mastura Ali Toh

Specialty Professional Aesthetician
Experience Graduated from International Institute Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine, certified in Assured Certificate in Principles of Advanced Aesthetic from the Academy & Assured by City & Guilds of landon, and she also certified in Professional Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic from European International University. She focuses more on scope of Aesthetic Medicine, regulatory orders, medico-legal process along with other operative details, facial anatomy, skin physiology, aesthetic dermatology, aesthetic pharmacology, psychology and other related aesthetic medical disciplines.
About Specially trained with theoretical and clinical principles of Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Laser for Pigmentation and Laser Tattoo Removal, Energy devices (RF, IR & HIFU), Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion, supplementary reviewing clinical papers and journals for newer advancement In Aesthetic Medicine, including PDO Threads & Platelet Rich Plasma. Specially trained with knowledge and professional skills in skin Rejuvenation Procedures, including managing acne, scars and pigmentation.
Work Days Monday – Friday