Here’s 50 ways to measure health instead of weight:

1. Energy!

2. Energy to go through your day without falling asleep at your desk.

3. Stable blood sugars. This is everything. If you want steady energy, stable moods, and a healthy body and mind, eat balanced meals to keep your blood sugars stable. Unless you want to feel tired, hangry, and moody all the time…

4. Clear, glowing skin

5. No more rashes, eczema, or psoriasis

6. Normal, daily bowel movements. Yup, no more diarrhea or constipation.

7. A bloat-free belly

8. No more heartburn

9. Focus and concentration. No more brain fog.

10. Better memory

11. You can think clearly again.

12. Ache-free joints

13. Decrease in chronic pain

14. You recover faster from workouts

15. You exercise regularly…and enjoy it.

16. You move your body more…not necessarily as exercise.

17. You don’t exercise as punishment for eating.

18. Regular periods.

19. Fertility for men & women

20. A healthy pregnancy

21. Happy periods. I’m not saying you have to be thrilled, but extreme PMS, cramping, and major mood swings can be a sign of hormone imbalance.

22. Decrease in medications

23. A strong immune system, so you’re sick less

24. You feel happier

25. You feel healthy

26. Less anxiety or depression

27. Drop in mood swings

28. Better body image

29. Listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues…and honoring them.

30. Decrease in binge eating or emotional eating

31. You’re not afraid of foods like carbs or fat.

32. You eat mindfully and enjoy eating.

33. You crave nutrient-rich foods.

34. You’ve ditched diets

35. You don’t feel guilt or shame after indulging.

36. You know what foods are energizing or depleting for your body.

37. You’re eating nutrient-rich foods most of the time.

38. Your habits are sustainable and realistic for you.

39. Quality, refreshing sleep

40. Decrease in seasonal allergies

41. You cope well with stress.

42. You take time for yourself.

43. You have healthy relationships.

44. You get outside in the sun regularly without burning.

45. You take time for stillness and quiet…maybe meditation, a walk, prayer, or whatever works for you.

46. You have purpose in your life and do what you love.

47. You go with the flow of life.

48. You live from a place of love, not fear, shame, or guilt.

49. You listen to your body

50. You feel vibrant, amazing, incredible, and healthy.

Source: Delicious Obsessions – Ditch the Scale: Better Ways to Measure Health