European Wellness Retreat

Advocating the philosophy of “Prevention is better than cure”, GHHS Healthcare and Wellness evolved its business to respond to our customers’ need and interest in Preventive Healthcare. Total Wellness Retreat is one of our approaches to making this notion come true. Total Wellness Retreat is a 5-star hotel set within the Palace of the Golden HorsesKuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the first-ever integrated Wellness City in Malaysia that aims to care for your health.

European Wellness Retreat at GHHS Healthcare and Wellness Centre is a holistic approach that captures the essence of life quality. Four essential pillars mark our total wellness system: Diagnosis, Detoxification, Repair & Rejuvenation. GHHS Healthcare combines therapies and treatment for the betterment of your health.

Diagnosis is a step made before measuring your medical concerns, medical history, the root cause of your immune system, and your expectation on how you want your health to be improved. After that, we will undergo the second step, which is Detoxification to strengthen your intestinal system and remove harmful substances and toxins from the body to improve your health. This could boost your immune system while keeping your natural defence mechanism strong.

Repair is the third step of EWR that helps repair the body from the cellular level after detoxification. This is to boost our immune system, repair the blood circulation and repair the digestive system to restore the body’s internal balance. The last step of the European Wellness Retreat would be Rejuvenation, which is done to stimulate the body’s cellular renewal process by taking our oral rejuvenating supplements to our non-invasive biomolecular therapy.

As our metabolism and immune system diminish through time, getting a holistic, individualised treatment at European Wellness Retreat in GHHS Healthcare and Wellness can help you slow down the process!